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Arboga Robotmuseum

RB 310

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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Test missile 310


Test missile 310 was in essence a pilotless aircraft that was propelled by a pulse jet motor.


In our museum in Arboga there is a missile 310 on display.


The first test missiles 310 were manufactured at SAAB-Scania. Roughly 70 units were manufactured and prepared at CVA (RSAF Maintenance Department at Arboga).



Robotmuseet mm 022

The 310 missile in our museum


The missile 310 was intended for training and testing purposes. It was equipped with a parachute to reduce the damages at impact, whereby it could be used for further testing.



The launching

The missile was launched from an access ramp, assisted by a booster rocket, and then propelled by a pulse jet motor in the trajectory. The motor was of the same type as could be found on the German flying bomb (V-1).


The pulse jet motor was successively improved and modified by STAL and provided with a side inlet latticework of valves, which made it possible to arrange the motor and the missile body to an aerodynamic unit. At a later date a new pulse jet motor, the SR 7H, was designed and developed under the management of the Swedish Air Force Material Administration.



An air driven steering gear, comprising two measuring instruments each with its own gyro, one for the altitude and one for the yaw/roll control plus a barometric altimeter and programming works, gave the intended trajectory. The missile could also be guided from the ground with a radio link.


Robotmuseet mm 020

The steering gear for RB 310




15 feet 8 inches

(4,730 m)


1foot 8 inches19.7 inches

(0,500 m)


8 feet 2 inches.2 feet

(2,500 m)


585 lbs

(265 kg)

Pulse motor (SR 7):

Fuel Gasolene

Drivmedel Bensin


330 lbf


Booster rocket:

KR 12

KR 12

Thrust during .4 seconds:

15,400 lbf during .4 sec

(68.600 N) during 0,4 s


560 feet/sec

(170 m/s) 


11 miles

(17 km)




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RB 310


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