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RB 302

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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RB 302 on firing track at Karlsborg



1947 RB 302.1  Karlsborg



RB 302 at rail at Karlsborg



RB 302 at Arboga Robotmuseum


Early in 1947, parallel to the 301- program, the 302/303 concept was initiated with an entirely new configuration.


A cylindrical body, a pointed nose section, a thin wing profile and a powder rocket motor


For the 303 project a special test missile 302 in scale 1 : 1.25 was developed. It was intended to be dropped from an aircraft, approaching at a low altitude over the water and diving for an underwater hit below the side armor of the target. This ambition can be found in the proposal of the Commander-in-Chief of Air Force to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces already in October 1945.


The design work started in 1947. The first firing of a missile with automatic steering and altitude control was carried out at RFK Karlsborg in 1948, and was fired from a catapult. In March 1948 a new and very stable, 197 feet long, horizontal railway track was tested, capable of carrying heavy missiles with able-bodied booster rockets and high firing velocities, the same as for the RB 3023 and future missiles.


Beginning in early summer 1948 the missile RB 302 was fired at a rate of 2 missiles per month. The RB 302 was also dropped from a/c T 18.

35 missile RB 302 were manufactured.

The tests were terminated in 1955.

An RB 302 specimen exists in our museum.






13 feet 7.4 inches

(4.150 mm)


4.4 inches

(360 mm)

Wing span

7 feet 2.6 inch

(2.200 mm)


1 100 lbs

(500 kg)

Propulsion motor  Powder rocket KR 2

(Drivmotor KR 2)



350 lbf during 16 sec or

290 lbf during 20 sec

(160 kp under 16 sek eller

130 kp under 20 sek)

Booster rocket KR 9 16.100 lbf during 2.2 sec

(Startraket KR 9  7.300 kp under 2.2 sek)



345 feet/sec alt. 450 feet/sec

(Hastighet 105 m/sek alt. 138 m/sek)




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