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RB 303

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RB 303 – An Air Torpedo


RB 303 missiles were designed for release from a/c 32 Lance aircraft against water craft.

The release should occur at a high altitude, followed by a decrease in altitude to 33 feet (10 m) above the water surface, followed by a dive to 10 feet (3 meter) under the surface, where the missile continues to the target as a conventional torpedo. The wings were designed to be ripped off at the impact on the water surface.






14 feet 9 inches

(4.500 mm)


1 foot 7 inches

(480 mm)

Wing span

8 feet

(2.450 mm)


2.200 lb

(1.000 kg)

Traction motor KR motor thrust 500 lbf

Banmotor 230 kp

(KR-motor Dragkraft 230 kp)


16.100 lbf during 2.2 sec

(7.300 kp under 2.2 sek)


820 feet/sec

(250 m/sek)


4.4 miles in air

(7.000 m i luft)


Submerged 330 feet

(100 m i vatten)


Extensive testing of the water impact and the underwater trajectory were done in a water tank with miniature mock-up missiles on a scale 1:17.


The mock-up missiles were shot into the water tank. Approximately 300 test were done.

A few heavier  mock-up missiles were fired from a launcher at

RFK Karlsborg.



A guidance system was never designed for the 303 mock-up missiles.  For the 303 mock-up missiles a guidance system was never designed for them. Problems with the target finder and proximity fuse were anticipated.

 RB 303 was never manufactured to full production numbers.

The design work was discontinued in 1950.


1953 RB303 Drawing



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