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RB 304A

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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Test missile 304A


RB 304 A was released from a/c J 29 (The Flying Barrel) with the intent of testing its altitude accuracy. After the release at high altitude the powder rocket was initiated. A radar altimeter brought down the missile to approx. 33 feet (10 m) above the water surface. The flight control was performed with the assistance of an automatic guide unit (SAAB A 52).


The automatic guide unit held three measuring instruments for tilt, yaw and roll and it registered the angular travel around the three perpendicular axis. On the measuring instruments there were irradiated mirrors and their reflections were recorded on a photographic film. In this way the missile orientation during the free flight could later be evaluated. In the front section of the missile an automatic camera would register the target during the flight.


For altitude control the automatic guide unit received information from the radar altimeter. The lateral steering was accomplished with a pre-programmed clockwork.


Pneumatic signals were transmitted from the automatic guide unit to the control surface servo motors.  After arriving at the destination the missile received a signal from the altimeter control unit and the missile went almost straight up as high as the inherent kinetic energy would bring it. Then a parachute opened and the missile would drop into the water and was salvaged by a boat. The missiles could thence be re-used for tests several times. Of the 69 manufactured RB 304A units 83 units were dropped from a/c J 29. The tests, starting in 1954, were done over Lake Vättern outside Karlsborg. The missiles were manufactured at CVA Arboga.


RB 304A


Guide units

Pneumatic guide unit


Pneumatic control surface servos


Altimeter control







14 feet 7 inches

(4.453 mm)


1 foot 8 inches

(500 mm)

Wing span

6 feet 5 inches

(1.944 mm)


380 lbs

(625 kg)

Rocket motor


(KR 16C)


520 lbf during 43 sec

(235 kp under 43 sek) 




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