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RB 304B

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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Test Missile  304B


The missile RB 304 B was dropped from the aircraft 32 (The Lance) with the intention of testing of its homing efficiencies. After the release at a high altitude the powder rocket motor was initiated and the altimeter control brought down the missile to approx. 33 feet (10 m) above the water surface. At this point the homing device started operating. It was of a single level radar homing type, working in the continuous wave mode (CW). The early homing devices had a skewed, rotating dish for the horizontal lobe change.


P3240034 Uppdat

RB 304B


132 missile were produced 169 drops were made with the RB 304 B  from the J 32 aircraft. Many tests were made with the missile still attached to the aircraft. Then the pilot had to steer the aircraft in a trajectory similar to what a free flying missile would have flown. Proximity fuse tests were also gradually performed during the testing of the homing devices.


The test missiles were equipped with very sophisticated recording equipment for recording the trajectory and the mechanical and thermic surroundings. The recorded signals were transmitted from the missile to the test site receiver (LC). These tests were performed over Lake Vättern outside Karlsborg during the years 1954 – 1962.


When the tests were almost completed the bulk production of the warhead missiles began (later designated RB 04 C). The production of test missiles as well as warhead missiles took place at CVA Arboga.


Guide units


Pneumatic guide unit


Pneumatic control surface  servos


Altimeter control


Active radar homing device







14 feet 7 inches

(4.4543 mm)  


1 foot 8 inches

(500 mm)

Wing span

6 feet 5 inches

(1.944 mm)


1.380 lbs

(625 kg)

Rocket motor

KR 16 C

(  KR 16 C)


520 lbf during 43 sec.

(235 kp under 43 sek)




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