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RB 322

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Surface-to-air Missile 322


The RB 322 was a test missile used in the development of a surface-to-air missile with supersonic speed. The missile is similar to the air-to-air RB 321.It was contemplated as weaponry for the a/c J 35 the Dragon. The American Falcon missiles RB 27 and RB 28 were purchased for this aircraft instead of using the RB 322.


In essence the RB 321 was attached with a ram jet engine and a booster rocket to achieve the supersonic speed needed for correct efficiency for a ram jet engine (Approx. M = 1.7).


The project was never completed but it was used by SvenskaFlygmotor in their development of the ram jet engines.



Themissile was set to a pre-set trajectory by a control unit that included three measuring instruments. Each control unit contained a gyro and a pre-programmed clockwork.



The engine parameters and its vibrations were recorded on a 16-channel tape recorder. The steering values, accelerations and temperature recordings were transmitted to aremote measuring recorder.

The design started in 1951 and the testing was terminated in 1961.

The Chief designer was Chief Engineer Tore Edlén.




13 feet 4.5 inches

(4.052 mm)


12.6 inches

(320 mm)

Wing span

4 feet 5.5 inches

(1.360 mm)

Missile weight

830 lbs

(377 kg)

Missile weight + booster rocket

2.780 lbs

(1.260 kg med booster)


KR 23 C

(Startraket KR 23 C)


38.350 lbf

(17.400 kp under 5 sek)

Ram jet engine

RR 2

(Ram motor RR 2)


2.200 lbf/engine

(1.000 kp./motor)


50 miles

(80 km)


M = 2.2 – 2.75

(Hastighet M = 2.2 – 2.75)

(M = 3.1recorded value)

(uppmätt värde M = 3.1)





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