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RB 340/341

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RB 340/341


In 1957 The Royal Swedish Air Force Administration ordered from SAAB a proposal for a project specification for the RB 340 weapons system.


The ambition was to develop an Air-to-Air missile system capable of combating targets under all weather conditions. The missile was intended as weaponry on the aircraft J 35 D and the J 37.


The missile 340 was equipped with a semi-active radar homer, where the target was irradiated by the aircraft’s own radar.


For combatting targets at a low altitude an alternative with an IR homer was studied. This alternative received the designation RB 341.


The missiles were propelled by powder rocket motors.


As the missile passed the target the proximity fuse would trigger the warhead. A number of tests were carried out with different missile prototypes


The project RB 340/341 was dropped in 1961. 



Missile types:


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RB 340/341


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