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RB 04 Turbo

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RB 04 Turbo


The missile RB 04 Turbo was a further development of the RB 04 E, now with a turbo-jet engine and an improved performance. The project was presented to the Swedish Navy in mid-1978.


The Navy had at that date received clearance from the Swedish Ministry of Defence and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces for the acquisition of the American Anti-Surface Ship missile Harpoon. Therefore, SAAB had in a trustworthy manner satisfied the defence management concerns about the advantages of their proposal for RB 04 Turbo. There were many negotiations with the numerous authorities involved in the decision making.


The Naval staff insisted for a long time on the purchase of the Harpoon missile. All the desired project improvements were gradually met by the SAAB Company and new quotes were issued. The intention to show that the project was an entirely new project, the designation was changed from RB 04 Turbo to RBS 15.


On May 25 1979 the Swedish Government gave the Defence Material Administration mandate to negotiate with the SBMC Group (SAAB Bofors Missile Corporation) for the development and purchase of the missile RBS 15. The first deliveries were booked for the Navy. In June 1984 the first missiles were delivered to The Navy after an extremely short development period.


The fact that SAAB could develop the RBS 15 in competition with the Harpoon in such a short time period must be attributed to the project leader Hans Ahlinder and his team members.



RB 04 Turbo



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RB 04 Turbo