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Missile 11 Dolphin


Based on the requested need from the Navy SAAB presented, a new project with an increased range and improved performance. A quotation for the project was submitted in November 1971 and carried the designation RB 11. The missile was later called RB 11 Dolphin.


A basic design with a radar homer was included. The missile was tested with a turbo-jet engine. The missile was test fired from a ground platform at RFK ( Missile Test Range Karlsborg). Another firing was done from a cross-country truck with good results.


At a request from the Defence Material Administration an alternative solution with an IR homer was studied to suit both the Navy and the Air Force. At a later date the project was changed to an Anti-Surface Ship Missile to suit both the Navy and the Air Force. The project received the designation SKA missile (Sea-Coastal-Assault missile)


SAAB found some uncertainty for the SKA project to be larger than for the RB 11-project. This uncertainty forced the Navy to search for a foreign alternative.


SAAB presented at this stage an entirely new solution, which met the required performance and up-to-date demand of the Armed Forces. The project received the designation RB 04 Turbo.




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RB 11 Dolphin


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