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RB 05A

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RB 05A


The missile RB 05A was an Air-to-Surface missile designed as armament for the aircraft AJ 37 Thunderbolt for combating of ground targets but was also serviceable against certain sea targets.


When the pilot discovered his target, he immediately fired off the missile. After the separation the missile automatically received a climbing signal in order to get into the pilot’s view of vision.  With the assistance from the missile’s tracer the pilot could with a special joystick guide the missile to a target hit and then make with an evasive maneuver. The transmissions of the control signals to the missile were done with an interference safe, tactical LOS radio command.


RB 05A became operational in 1972.


Missile units

Front part with the proximity fuse


Liquid fuel rocket motor

Control unit

Command receiver

Code unit


Homing unit


Aircraft units


Transmitter unit


Code unit






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