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RB 05B/C

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RB 05B/C


At an early date The Royal Swedish Air Force Materiel Administration indicated to SAAB that it should be possible for a further development of the missile RB 05 A by adding some kind of homing device so that the pilot didn’t need to navigate the missile right up to the target.


The Royal Swedish Air Force Materiel Administration mandated SAAB to study an introduction of a TV- target homing unit in the missile. The designation of the missile would then be RB 05 B.


In 1972 SAAB received an assignment to study an alternative solution, now with the designation RB 05 C. This concept built on the previous conclusion that the pilot should aim the aircraft against his target. In the aircraft there should be an IR-sensor, used to set the range for the missile and for transmitting these data values to the aircraft computer, which then calculated the steering signal for the missile. This alternate project was never adopted.


Instead, the guidance with TV-target homing was again considered and several realistic proposals were presented.   


At the same time the Defence Materiel Administration initiated a study of the American Maverick missile. SAAB later stated that their project that was comparable to The Maverick missile.


Due to financial reasons, the Defence Materiel Administration finally ordered the American Maverick missile.






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