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Arboga Robotmuseum

RB 15F

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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RB 15F

The missile 15 F is an Air-to-Ground Missile for combating naval targets at far distances. The missile was carried on the aircraft AJS 37 Viggen (Thunderbolt) and is today carried on the aircraft JAS 39 Gripen (Griffon). RB 15 F became operative on Aircraft AJ 37 Thunderbolt in 1989 and is now the main armament for the Aircraft JAS 39 Griffon.



RB 15F 26.11.JPG

RB 15 F at the Missile Museum at Arboga



The missile is altitude controlled by a radar altimeter. Collaterally it is controlled by pulse radar with frequency technique. The propulsion is done by a turbojet motor.


Prior to the assignment a detailed planning is done by feeding the take-off point of the aircraft, the missile release point, alteration of courses, target area etc. are fed via a lay-out computer into a computer slave unit. The pilot carries this to his aircraft. At the missile release all prepared data are transferred to the missile, after which the missile separates from the aircraft and the turbojet motor starts automatically.


During the flight to the target area the missile will follow the given data and can approach the target area via a number of predetermined turning points, which give possibilities for advanced, tactical assaults.


When the missile arrives at a predetermined point on the trajectory it will put itself at a reconnaissance altitude and the homing unit starts scouting for targets. After a target acquisition follows a selection of the target.


When the missile is locked on a target it will transcend to target tracking mode and stays in this mode until a target hit has been achieved. During the target tracking phase the missile will keep a low altitude over the water surface. The warhead is triggered when passing the target by a proximity fuse or by impact detonators.


Included units

Control unit


Homing unit


Pneumatic control surfaces


Turbojet motor

TRI 60

Proximity fuse with warhead





14 ft 5 inches

(4.4 m)


1 ft 8 inches

(500 mm)

Wing span

4 ft 7 inches

(1,4 meter)


1.246 lbs

(565 kg)


> 44 miles

(> 70 km)




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RB 15F