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Arboga Robotmuseum

RBS 52

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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RBS 52


The missile RB 52 is a coastal missile designed to operate from land against ships and watercraft. The missile is basically the French Anti-Tank Guided Missile SS – 11.


The missiles were deployed in archipelago-coastal terrains. The first light coastal missile unit utilizing the RB 52 missile was introduced in the Swedish Warfare Arsenal in the beginning of the 1960’s.


RB 52 Museet.JPG

Missile RB 52 in the Missile Museum, Arboga



The missile was a trailing wire guided missile with 1.9 miles (3 km) maximum service range.


A light coastal missile battery held a staff unit, a missile platoon with two identical missile groups, a rocket flare complement and a supply platoon.


Each missile unit had guidance equipment, capable of firing six missiles on-stream. For easier following of the missile trajectory at a distance exceeding .6miles (1 km) the gunner could change over to high quality binoculars, when shooting at far away targets. The missile had one red and one green tracer. These were used for firing at night. A red tracer was used by the left gunner and a green tracer by the right gunner. The target area was illuminated by 2.3 inch (57 mm) illuminant flares. The gunner manually controlled the missile with a tiny joy-stick and the signals were transmitted by wires to the missile.


The missile was propelled by two powder rocket motors, one booster rocket and one traction motor.


To achieve a better and adaptable result against ships and watercraft a special warhead for sea and water craft targets was developed. The anti-tank grenade from the missile

SS 11 served as a complement for combating armored naval ships and watercraft.


After 30 years in service the RBS 52 was replaced by RBS 17 Hellfire.


Missile data


46.5 inches

(1.180 mm)


6.6 inches

(168 mm)


14.1 inches

(360 mm)


88 lbs

(40 kg)


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Aérospatiale (Nord) SS.11/AGM-22

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