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RB 68 Bloodhound

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 Air Defence Missile System RB 365 and RB 68


Brief background

The system aimed at covering the openings in the air defence at flight levels between 50.000 to 82.000 feet (15 – 25 km).


The acquisition was prepared during the 1950s and was implemented in two stages at the beginning of the 1960s.  The first stage involved part of the British Bloodhound Mk 1 (RB 365), which was regarded suitable for trials and tests and intended to give experience to the Air Force (F2 Wing)  and the anti-aircraft artillery (LV 3). The RB 365 was discarded already in 1962,


The Air Force followed up with the procurement of live systems of Mk II (RB 68), which was an entirely new technical line with substantially improved performance. However in the meantime the Anti-Aircraft-Defence people decided to purchase the American missile Hawk, mainly to achieve an increased mobility. The RB 68-units remained in active service in the Air Force until the end of the 1970s    


"We will need no further frontine fighters after the Lightning. . . " (Elsie esq.) Tags: missile bloodhound raf groundtoair


Missile types:


RB 07 Seacat


RBS 23 Bamse


RB 67/77 HAWK


RB 68 Bloodhound


RB 69 Redeye


RBS 70


RBS 90