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Missile summary table





The missile system 23 Bamse is a system of surface-to-air missile with a medium range. It is designed for protection of air- and naval base facilities, centres of population, important total defense plants and to support ground troops.


RBS 23 is intended to form separate anti-aircraft battalions. The air defence missile system is produced by Bofors and has the designation RBS 23 BAMSE.[1]


System description

An anti-aircraft company of RBS 23 BAMSE composes of three Firing Units (EldE) and one surveillance unit (UndE). The UndE is a 3 D C-band central surveillance  radar, which compiles the actual air status, based on among other their own surveillance, the LuLIS (Air Status


Surveillance System), STRIL and collaboration with other radar units. The target information is analyzed at the firing unit and the most hazardous target is selected for combating.


The firing unit consists of a drawn vehicle with space for two operators. On top of the vehicle there is a mount for four missiles and a 8 meter tall mast, on which the sensors are mounted.


The main detector is a Ka band fire control radar. This unit targets on the selected target with great accuracy and when the missile has been launched it also tracks it with the radar. The radar unit is also used for the transmission of navigation directives to the missile, which is guided to aiming line of the radar, so called collimation control.


The warhead is triggered either at direct hit or by the missile proximity fuse.


Technical data

Surveillance unit

Search radar PS-2301

Radar type

3D pulse Doppler type

Frequency band

C-Band 5.4 – 5.9 GHz

Measuring range

30 alt. 60 kilometer

Power amplifier

Travelling wave tube (TWT)



Assault assessment



2 operators

Traction engine

Off-road truck

Weight incl. of vehicles

Approx. 18 tonnes

Initiation of warhead

Proximity fuse or direct hit


Firing unit

Fire control radar PE-2302

Radar type

Pulse Doppler radar

Frequency band

Ka-Band 35 GHz

Measuring range

20 kilometer

Power amplifier

Travelling wave tube


2 operators

Missile carrier weight

13 tonnes


System data


15 kilometer

Altitude coverage

> 10 kilometer

Weather dependence

All weather capacity

Control principle

Commando control


Automatic radar tracking




Approx. 85 kilogram

Length incl. of starter            

2.3 meter 


M  > 2


Separating starter motor and integrated propulsion unit

Working principle

Fragmentation warhead with shaped charges 

Initiation of warhead

Proximity fuse of direct hit


Missile types:


RB 07 Seacat


RBS 23 Bamse


RB 67/77 HAWK


RB 68 Bloodhound


RB 69 Redeye


RBS 70


RBS 90