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RB 24 Sidewinder

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RB 24 Sidewinder


The RB 24 Sidewinder is an airborne air-to-air missile of American origin. The missile received its name from the American venomous snake (Crotalus Cerastes) that uses a heat-seeking system for finding its prey.


RB 24 B corresponds to the American version AIM-9 B, which was acquired for the Swedish Air Force towards the end of the 1950-ies. The missile was intended for usage on aircraft J 29 the Flying Barrel, the J 32 B the Lance,

the J 34 Hawker Hunter and the J 35 Dragon. The initial intention was to use it to combat bomber airplanes at a high altitude within eyesight in clear weather

or in dark.


The RB 24 B is equipped with an infrared homing device, which guides the missile towards sources of heat. Good weather is required and the missile can in fact only register the hot gases from the rear section of a hostile aircraft. When the attacking aircraft has reached a favorable position for an attack, the pilot activates the missile homing device and when it is locked on the target, the pilot gets a tone in his headset indicating that the missile can be launched.


The missile was powered by a single-step powder rocket for 2.2 seconds followed by a free flight for approximately 20 seconds.


The ballistic effect came from a warhead that was initiated by an IR proximity fuse or a detonator. The warhead hexatonal charge scattered shrapnel in all directions


Air-to-Air missile 24/ 24 J/ 74


RB 24 på J29 Tunnan.jpg

RB 24 on J 29 Flying Barrel









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