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RB 27 Falcon

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RB 27 Falcon


The air-to-air missile RB 27 was acquired for the Swedish Air Force for combatting high speed bomber aircraft at high altitudes.  It was effective at far distances, during nighttime, and under all weather conditions.


The RB 27 missile was equipped with a radar echo reflecting passive (semi-active) homing device, which was adapted to the carrier aircraft’s own sight radar PS-01/011. The missile homer and the flight control system would direct the missile on a collision course towards an estimated point of impact, and they would continuously correct the missile trajectory with regard to the velocity, bearing, and altitude changes of the target. Normally, the missile was launched by one of the aircraft radar sights S-7B3/31 and calculated for a direct attack (DA) along with a feasible subsequent lead pursuit (LP), also called a double attack. The homer required radar irradiation of the target from the aircraft radar sight, or it required being guided by interference signals picked up from the target. The missile was aerodynamically controlled by wing rudders, and it was adjusted in all flight positions by a control unit. The missile avionics consisted of miniature components, and vacuum tubes of the sub-miniature type were used. The power sources came from an adapted electric power supply on the carrying aircraft and an onboard fast energizing battery and hydraulic system. Prior to the launch, the missile had to be activated in steps governed by the sight. The steps selected the missile and power supply, and also when and how the homer would be slaved to the aircraft radar frequency, and distance measurement, and the aiming direction of the radar antenna.


The missile was propelled by a one stage powder rocket motor. The warhead consisted of an explosive charge, arranged in a ziz-zag link pattern. The warhead was initiated by an active radar proximity fuse or by impact contacts. The missile was mounted on the Missile Pylon F 5, through which cables and connectors transferred avionic data to the missile homer avionics before the firing,


The RB 27 was manufactured in Sweden by Bofors, SAAB, and LM Ericsson.  Deliveries to the Swedish Air Force began in 1965.

1. Blender unit

7. Proximity fuse

2. Guide unit

8. Warhead

3. Rocket motor

9. Ignition unit

4. Homing unit

10. Hydraulic unit

5. Electronics

11. Rudder servos

6- Battery

12. Impact fuse


Missile 27.

SAAB /  FMV Picture


Missile Performance and Data     


7 feet 1inch

(Längd  2,169 m)

Warhead weight

14.6 lbs.

(Vikt 6,6 kg)


1 foot 11 inches

(0,620 meter)

Arming requirement

Acceleration > 40 g during < .8 sec


257 lbs.

(116,5 kg)

Arming time

12 – 2.2 sec.

(Armeringstid 1,2 – 2,2 s)

Proximity fuse delayed initiation

9 msec

(Fördröjd zonrörständning  9 msek. vid en BAK attack)

initiation at BAK attack Automatic destruction

27 sec.

(Självdestruktion 27 sek.)

Thrust at 68°F

5.620 lbf.

25.000 N at 20° C)

Rocket burning time

2.0 sec (Powder)

(Max brinntid 2,0 sek / krut)

Max controlled flight time at altitude 1.9 miles

14 sec

(Max, flygtid på 30 km c:a 14 sek på 30 km höjd

Min. speed, for controlled Flight

M 1.0

Min. hastighet för kontrollerad flygning)

Max speed in excess of aircraft speed

M 1.4

(Max. hastighet över M 1,4 flygplanets hastighet



Homer frequency band                              (Målsökarens frekvensområde

x-band 8-12,5 GHz                                     x-bandet 8-12,5 GHz)

Homer lobe width                                       (Målsökarlobens bredd

     * Stationary                25°                      (*Stillastående 25°)

     * During rotation         50°                      (*Vid rotation 50°)

Homer max. angle swing   45°                    (Målsökarens max. utvridning  45°)

Homer max. precision         6°/sec.              (Målsökarens max. precision     6°/ sek

velocity                                                       hastighet)¨’

Homer slaver          About 10°/sec              (Målsökarens slavhastighet  c:a 10°/sek

following speed                                           hastighet)                

Battery capacity             0.7 Ah                  (Batterikapacitet             0,7 Ah) 

Max. enunciable     About 90 sec.                (Max uttagbar             c:a 90 sek)     

battery time                                                batteri tid)



Aircraft J 35 F and J 35 J











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