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RB 74 Sidewinder


The RB 74 Sidewinder is an airborne air-to-air missile of American origin. The missile received its name from the American venomous snake (CrotalusCerastes) that uses a heat-seeking system for finding its prey.


RB 74 corresponds nearest to the American version AIM-9 L, which gradually was introduced in the Swedish Air Force in 1986. The missile was intended for the aircraft JA Thunderbolt and JAS 39 Griffon. A number of improvements were implemented on the RB 74 compared to the RB 24 J.  The homing device had a new IR-detector with an increased sensitivity, allowing the missile to attack from all directions as well straight ahead. A new powder rocket motor was introduced with an increased effective output, giving an increased top speed and an extended firing area. A new and more powerful warhead, with a new laser proximity fusethat was lessaffected by interferences, were introduced.


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JAS 39 Thunderbolt with weaponry

The RB 74 missiles mounted at the wingtips
















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