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Missile 99 AMRAAM


The Missile 99 is a medium range radar air-to-air missile for the aircraft JAS 39 Griffon.


Historical account

Towards the end of the 1980s initial studies were made for anew radar air-to-air missile for the armament of JAS 39 Griffon. In 1994 the American missile AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile), manufactured by Raytheon Missile Systems Company) was selected.


System description

The missile consists mainly of the following five units:


·        Target seeker

·        Auto Pilot and guidance system

·        Warhead system

·        Propulsion motor

·        Datalink




The target seeker is of the active radar type, i. e. it has both a transmitter and a receiver for target locking and target tracking. The auto pilot has sensors for inertial navigation. The guidance system sends a steering order to the guidance section, consisting of four rudder servos at the missile rear end.


The missile is driven by a powder rocket motor and the casualty system consists of a warhead of a pre-fragmentation splinter type, impact fuse, proximity fuse and an arming fuse. The datalink handles the communication with the launching aircraft. The aerial is mounted back moston the missile body.


Prior to the firing of the missile it is completely inactive. The aircraft radar will detect and track the target. When the missile is fired, it is fed with data of the target’s position, bearing and velocity (target data) and the powder rocket motor will rapidly accelerate the missile to a high speed. During the missile trajectory phase the aircraft can transmit updating target values to the missile via the datalink. When the missile is closing in on the target, the active seeker is actuated and the missile guides towards the target on its own.


Technical data


348 lbs

(158 kg)


12 feet

(3,65 m)


2 feet 1 inch(0,63 m)



Powder rocket



> 31 miles

(> 50 km)

Max. velocity

> 3.300 feet/sec

(> 1.000 m/sek) 

Seeker Active radar

(Aktiv radar)





Initiation of warhead

Proximity fuse(Zonrör)


Impact fuse




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