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Arboga Robotmuseum

RB 53

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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RB 53 Bantam


Missile RB 53 was a lightweight Anti-Tank missile with a medium range meant to operate from land against armored targets on ground. A complete missile could be carried and handled by a single soldier. It was introduced in the Swedish Defence in 1965 and it was manufactured by Bofors, Karlskoga Sweden.


RB 53 Museet.JPG 

RB 53 Bantam at the Missile Museum in Arboga


The missile was wire-guided with a maximum range of 1.2 miles (2 km). It was placed in a square box that also served as a launcher. The box with the missile was aimed towards the target. Next to the gunner there was a joystick, which was connected to the launcher box with a 65 foot (20 meter) long cable. After firing the gunner guided the missile into the tie line against the target, assisted by the missile tracer light. The warhead is triggered at the impact by a percussion cap. The missile was propelled by rocket motors, one booster rocket and a trajectory rocket with a total burning time of approximately 25 seconds. 


Altogether 33,000 missiles for the Swedish Defence and for export were produced.

Missile RB 53 Bantam was phased out in 1992.


Data for the launcher


3 feet 1 inch

(940 mm)


7 x 7 inches

(180 x 180 mm)


Missile Data


2 feet 9 inch

(848 mm)


4.3 inches

(110 mm)


11.4  inches

(290 mm)


28.7 lbs

(13 kg)


280 feet/sec

(85 m/s)

Action principle:

Shaped charge(RSV)






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